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Tsar Enterprises is a little tropical island off the coast of Japan. It is currently inhabited by fourteen people. There is no way to get off of the island. We are stranded. ... But you know, I don't really think we're stranded anymore...
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    20/2/2017, 5:43 am
    Message by kano. - ~
    Well, I'm not a big fan of snakes too, so I understand your horse. I don't think I would try to follow snake tracks though, especially since the only wild snakes we have here are rattlesnakes. Your horse sounds funny though and kind of reminds me of old men who yell at kids whenever they step onto their lawn: "Get off my lawn you little rats! Don't make me come out there!"

    Hehe... the funny thing is the kitten has many names depending on who you ask in my house. I would like to call her "Kite" since she reminds of a kite with her coloring and how she's always jumping around everywhere. My mother wants the kitten to be "Pink a Boo" (a pun on peek a boo) due to the kitten's tendency to pop out of thin air and her pink nose and paw pads. My father, who did not particularly want the kitten, insists on the name being "Stink a Doo". My younger siblings, being brats, want to call the little angel "Rat".

    Thanks and that should be interesting. I'm slowly connecting the dots with everyone. I've seen some of the people here on other sites, so I have an idea of what some of the people here are like.

    I'll try...

    Native American? That's really cool! Do you know what tribe? I'm the purple thumb in my family too. My mother has striking grey/blue eyes with red hair and everyone else has deep brown eyes with dark, dark brown hair. Being a mutt kind of does that though. No one can ever guess what you are because you're such a blend. I don't think I have any Native American blood in me (as in U.S. and Canada) but I do have an Aztec background. Some of my family in Mexico still speaks Nahuatl, but I don't know more than some of the crazy pronunciations, like Popocat├ępetl or Ixtapa, Zihuantanejo.
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    16/2/2017, 12:20 pm
    Message by kano. - ~
    My cats are weird. They'll chase anything that moves. And a horse? I've never imagined a horse chasing a butterfly! That's interesting. Speaking of animals, I recently adopted a kitten. I rescued her during a rainstorm and never found another home for her. She's an adorable fluff ball of energy who is always getting into trouble.

    Hmm... 7. I like 7. It seems like a treehouse that I would actually live in and I love the spiral staircase. (Thanks for the pictures too!) And bothering me? Nope, I like talking to you especially since I'm still that awkward "new Enterprisian"

    Speaking of being busy, I'm actually finally getting a break. Competition season is over and I've finally started sleeping and eating at normal intervals. So I may start popping in on here more often and actually trying to be social.

    Eh... Gray-ish tinge. You must be old Tsar... Jk, you're a baby~ Don't get gray hair young; it's disheartening to know you have some gray hairs due to stress. And thank you >///< My eyes are an interesting color, but I'm not sure if they're pretty. And I actually really like brown eyes. They're really soulful and deep. A lot of people say brown is "common" but there are so many shades of brown that there isn't a common shade. Plus most people I've met who have brown eyes are very good-natured and earthy. So I definitely don't think your eyes are boring or "common".

    Thanks again for helping to set me up on this site c:
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    10/2/2017, 10:41 am
    Message by kano. - ~
    The only moths I've had the pleasure of seeing are the huge, brown-ish gray ones. Sometimes I'll be working late at night and they'll just fly or land right by me and scare the living daylights out of me. My cats also have a tendency of hunting and catching the poor creatures and offering them as gifts. Moth carcasses tend to just lay around everywhere during the summer...

    Hmm... I think I'll take you up on that forum offer, as long as you're not too busy or anything. But a place to commentate on my boring life that no one wants to hear about sounds great!

    Gah! I have such a hard time finding my eye color! Apparently no avatar maker understands that hazel eyes exist or that golden brown hair is a thing. I mean the base shade for my hair is okay, but my hair is more golden with some red in the sun. Well... I guess if you ever see me in real life, you'll never recognize me. Which may or may not be a good thing...
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    7/2/2017, 10:34 am
    Message by kano. - ~
    According to my moth expert friend Google we do in fact have luna moths in Cali, but I have never seen one in person. They're very pretty though and they remind me of fairies

    As for a formal title... I have a few ideas: Zealous Peppermint Bookworm, Clever Mint Tea Diplomat, Street-Smart Tea Fanatic, Sleepy Milk Tea Dork... But these are just ideas I came up with 2-3 days ago. Do you have any preferences?

    Well, at least on my screen, the color is just fine ^^ It's actually a real pretty shade of red, kind of reminds me of pomegranates.

    Thanks! I tried to make something remotely valentine's day themed and something like my new hair style. I think I failed at both (whoops~). Avatar makers stress me out, I can never make an avatar match me close enough. They never have my hair style or eye color or clothing style (or lack of). I swear I'm either in a suit or dressed like I'm homeless... It's never anything in between
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    2/2/2017, 10:22 am
    Message by kano. - ~
    My favorite color is green for sure. Gotta love the color of life, mint ice cream, my eyes, Ireland, money, and summer.

    My favorite shade of green is green moth or #7BBF6A

    Thanks Tsar! And honestly, I had no clue that members had walls until I got the notification. I still have a LOT of exploring to do on this site ^^;

    Love the V-Day theme!
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