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Tsar Enterprises is a little tropical island off the coast of Japan. It is currently inhabited by fourteen people. There is no way to get off of the island. We are stranded. ... But you know, I don't really think we're stranded anymore...
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 The History of TE

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The History of TE Empty
PostSubject: The History of TE   The History of TE Empty20/7/2017, 5:40 am

Today is the 19th of July, which marks not the anniversary of TE as a website, but the anniversary of TE as a community. The fact of the matter is,
while the site is a fun haven for the many mutual friendships here today, the forum has served several entirely different purposes in the past...

In celebration of TE's first anniversary, I present to you The History of Tsar Enterprises. You had better appreciate it. I wrote two pages of this sentimental nonsense by pen at 2:00 this morning while I was half asleep...
Sponsored by The Top 10 Chatbox Conversations

Most of you should know how we - as in Vinder, Spanner, Aliria, Plat, Dakota and myself - all met and founded Cerclorium in late 2015 and early 2016. Around mid February, when TE did not yet exist, I created another forum - my lair of blue hair, as Aliria so eloquently once described it - which I kept to myself, a secret website intended for my personal use. When the others found about this, Vinder, Aliria and Dakota founded X to "rival" JFKS, the name of my secret website, and find said website. Spanner, although she techincally joined X, remained neutral for the most part. Plat was the only person I gave direct access to JFKS to, and he kept my secret safe.

Later Dakota "discovered" JFKS and shared the link with her associates. I of course was fully aware of this, thus kept the X gang entertained as they stalked my website daily and found eccentric rambles on the forums and equally amusing conversations with Plat on the public chatbox. Eventually, everyone discovered who knew what and who knew who knew what, and the JFKS vs X rivalry ceased. JFKS was deleted and the only thing that remains of it today is a screenshot taken of it - which the X gang originally planned on showing me and getting a dramatic reaction in return. (Haha, that never happened.)

That, however, was not the end of secret websites. I created a new forum and challenged everyone to find it without the help of Dakota - of course, they were never clever enough to do so and my new website remained a secret.

Said secret website II had the very creative name of Желлал Фернандез и Кайто Шион and the URL name was primarily noihsotiak. After a few weeks though, secret websites didn't seem so cool anymore and I decided on transforming the site into a place to teach Vinder Russian. That was when the site's address and title changed to Tsar Enterprises.

Tsar Enterprises originally had a snowy background and header with several forums and threads designed for teaching Vinder the Russian alphabet, grammar, spelling, etc. I was going to surprise her once I deemed the site ready, but I must've gotten lazy and trashed the idea, for that plan was never carried out and the site was once again revamped. This time the wintry theme was replaced with a tropical atmosphere and TE's new purpose was to store my writings, plots, outlines, character indexes, and book covers. It remained this from May to mid-July.

Meanwhile, Cerclorium was doing poorly due to the forum inactivity and lack of motivated players. On July 19th, 2016, I sent a group message to my staff announcing I had decided to delete Cerc, but I had another website where we could still hang out on.

Exactly one year ago, the first non-Tsar member joined and Tsar Enterprises was designated its fourth and final purpose.

TE started out with five strandees, but over the months we've gained a few as well as lost a few. The past headers tell a lot about the island's member history:

The forum statistics are also interesting - apparently October last year was the most active month for posting, and the least active month is oddly this July...

As a conclusion, I'm extremely grateful for the many friendships that developed on both Cerclorium and TE;
I hope that our family here continues to grow and that in the future those friendships are still going strong~
bounce high five hug
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The History of TE Empty
PostSubject: Re: The History of TE   The History of TE Empty24/7/2017, 9:03 am

Very Happy
Good memories.
*raises glass*
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The History of TE
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