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Tsar Enterprises is a little tropical island off the coast of Japan. It is currently inhabited by fourteen people. There is no way to get off of the island. We are stranded.
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September 2017
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 TE Anime Club

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PostSubject: TE Anime Club   21/8/2017, 11:10 am

Lately I've been thinking of something to revive the forums here, and I figured making an anime club would be a good idea, so here goes. Tis a thread to ramble about anime (and manga), discuss ones currently airing/publishing or coming out soon, give reccommendations, rant, fangirl, etcetera on. \(^o^)/

So to get the ball rolling, what anime have you all seen lately? Any good ones?
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PostSubject: Re: TE Anime Club   21/8/2017, 11:34 am

So I've been watching One Piece and Soul Eater lately. Both... are... wondrously entertaining. Both are good for a needed laugh.
Soul Eater... Funny... You've got to love Kid. Somehow, I find Black star equally infuriating and entertaining... which is a new opinion for me. And admittedly, this is the first dub I've ever listened too... It's worth it. The music is fun. I've officially downloaded this onto my phone for an alarm -_-
One piece... Even the minor characters are fun... occasionally repetitive... but seriously after 800 + eps who wouldn't get a bit redundant? And they're fun, and meaningful... like Mocha... Vivi, a few characters that I swore I'd never forget and then did -_- (I'm completely at fault here though... you know me...) Some of the arcs are more long-winded than other but really... it makes what comes ahead worthwhile. especially if it's one of those brainless, plotless comedic episodes... But really I just love comedy.
If a show can give me a good, uncontrollable laugh... then it's most definitely worth watching for me. Both of these animes do.
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PostSubject: Re: TE Anime Club   23/8/2017, 8:15 am

Soul Eater, Spice and Wolf, the second season of Shugo Chara, the second season of Code Geass and Attack on Titan are the anime I'm currently watching, but so far Soul Eater and Shugo Chara are the only two I'm truly enjoying.
So, Soul Eater... haha, at first I mistyped that as Soil Eater... Can I just start off by saying the soundtrack is awesome? Because is it is. I'm totally downloading all the songs and burning them onto a CD. The two openings are great, I've been a fan of them even before watching SE. I love the third ending theme too, it's so fun to hear~
You may or may not have observed this, but I try to make everything possible symmetrical and orderly, and likewise asymmetrical things irk me...consequently, Kid has become my favorite character ^.^ I might not be as extreme of an asymmetriphobe as he is, but I don't think I can relate to any other character so much. He also shares a voice actor with Allen, Natsu and Italy, which is pretty cool.
I find the fact that Excalibur is ranked 11 on AP's most hated characters hard to fathom... I personally find him hilarious and so far the episodes that made me laugh the hardest were centered around him. He's not to be taken seriously so I'm more amused than annoyed by his antics Black Star is way more annoying. I ship Maka and Soul, Spirit reminds me a lot of General Cross, Medusa bears a notable resemblance to Kano Shuuya, Marie needs to comb an even part in her hair, the sun needs an inhaler, Stein's ability to fight while seated on an office chair is true talent, and as for the rest of the characters, I have nothing to comment on them.
All in all, I'm really liking SE.
Shugo Chara Doki is fun so far and I'm looking forward to watching all the drama unfold~
Spice and Wolf is alright, but honestly I think all the economics it involves is a bit over my head...
Code Geass...I don't even know what to say about it...I want to love it but I hate it...but do I actually hate it...? Do I love or hate it? Like or dislike it? Both? Neither? And I love Lelouch but I hate him too... -_-
Attack on Titan was enjoyable back in December when I first started it, but now it's boring to watch for some reason...
Also, what Vinder said on comedy...I agree. For me the most enjoyable anime involve comedy, whether it's a main plot element or a little here and there thrown in.
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PostSubject: Re: TE Anime Club   24/8/2017, 11:20 pm

I've watched Soul Eater twice and I loved it both times. I also keep up with the Black Butler manga and I'm planning to rewatch Ouran High School Host Club when I get some more free time.
About Soul Eater though, Death the Kid was my favorite character by far too! Every time he showed up you knew you were in for a wonderful mix of bad*ss and comedy. Stein was an interesting character as well, I liked the storyline they had going with him. I also liked Justin Law at the time but I can't really remember much about him. He was cool tho.
Definitely agree with you about Black Star being annoying. God, he never shuts up. But I hate Excalibur, too, and I really hated Medusa, and honestly I didn't really love Crona either.
Black Butler!
I never got around to watching the anime, but the manga updates one chapter a month and I've been keeping up with that for a few years. Things just got, well, very interesting, and I fear for the future of Ciel.
Anyway, there are a ton of Black Butler characters I like. Ciel and Sebastian, obviously, as well Double Charles, Freckles, William Spears, Ronald Knox, Sascha... Every character has their moments.
Very unlike me, but I enjoyed it. It was funny. I usually hate romance and weird ships, but it was done very well as a parody of that. Kyoya is probably my favorite character, but Kaoru/Hikaru are very close seconds.
Like I said, I've been wanting to rewatch it since it's been a while and I've seen funny OHSHC things popping up on Pinterest recently.
Some of those episodes were weird tho...
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PostSubject: Re: TE Anime Club   7/9/2017, 11:34 am

Eh... I don't particularly like or dislike Crona, but I do feel for him and I hope everything works out for him in the end (and that Medusa is done away with for good).

A few years ago when I had just gotten into anime I watched the first two or three episodes of OHSHC but I dropped it after that because I apparently thought the characters acted too stupid for me to bear... which is odd considering that my first anime was Hetalia and I seemed to enjoy all of its nonsense... Maybe I'll try watching it again one day now that I'm used to, well, anime. I haven't watched or read Black Butler but I might.

As for manga... I've been working on reading Blue Exorcist since completing the anime a year ago and I'm currently on the Impure King Arc, after I finish that I plan on watching the second season of the anime and continue reading the manga. I just started reading D.Gray-man and when I catch up to where the first anime (which I recently finished and loved~) left off I plan to watch Hallow, then catch up with the rest of the manga. I've read 10 chapters of Kagerou Daze and 12 chapters of Hatsune Mix, both of which are pretty good. I'm 160 chapters and 68 episodes into Fairy Tail because I alternated between watching arcs in the anime and then reading them in the manga, but the last arc I was on I finished a really long time ago and didn't continue watching/reading for some reason... I still intend to though... one day... And I'll probably start reading Soul Eater too after I finish the anime. The only two manga I've completed are Acute and Zone - one is only five chapters and the other is a one-shot, so that isn't much of an accomplishment.
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PostSubject: Re: TE Anime Club   12/9/2017, 7:33 am

OHSHC is silly and is meant to be a parody of stereotypical high school romance anime. It doesn't really have many serious moments. Maybe that's why I liked it, I had just finished Hetalia when I started it.
By the way, I haven't really been keeping up with Hetalia lately, I've just been pinning what I see on Pinterest. Is there a season 7 yet? New manga strips?
Oh, the Soul Eater manga goes so much farther than the anime. I haven't read it, but I've heard it gets sooo dark. I'm too scared, I like funny things and lighthearted moments.
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TE Anime Club
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